A Little Bit About Us

   The Redwin Design Team and Redwin Design LLC as a project have been the life long opus of Art Director Jared Donham. Around 1993 or 94 the concept of one day running a graphic design and multi-media company began to take shape. Just out of high school and limited on resources it seemed to be more than a small task. Jared made several contacts that would help him along this journey. Other artists, gifted musicians, techs and even a few educators have offered their time, resources and input to get the ball rolling. Some of those individuals have moved on, but others remain with us to this day. You know who you are~Streets of Gold by J.Donham     Right now you’re just getting to know a us. Our hope is that in time you will come to think of Redwin Design as an authority when it comes to cool art work, graphics information, funny articles, reviews, critiques and samples of some of the finest art on the internet. We’ll share bits of code, mini games, even some viral images and scripts. When the gift shop is ready for launch we’ll even offer T-shirts, custom prints and other gift ideas found nowhere else on the internet. When other sites steal our stuff (and trust me, they will) we’ll just pump out more.

The Redwin Design cache is already packed with images and original content. There’s no need to keep it hidden away in our vault any longer. We will continue to release more and more as our development team and coding crew get it all pieced together. We’ll be on social media, making cool videos to share and just painting the town. Stop in and see what we’re up to! Again, thank all of you that made Redwin Design possible for your continued faith and support. As we grow, you grow with us.

The Redwin Design Team

(678) 373-1944

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