Body art is a huge market that continues to grow each year. The demand for original tattoo designs grows with it. Several members of the RD team have been designing and in some cases applying tattoo’s since the early 90’s. Real ones and fakes too (Stage decals, temporary tattoos, henna art). It’s good that they’ve all evolved from the days of wrapping sewing needles with thread and muscling it out with a bottle of India Ink. It’s probably a good way to avoid getting hepatitis too. 


    Some of the samples to follow may actually be on a friend a customer or a client so please refrain from recreating any of them to ensure the uniqueness of their tattoo. After a design is transferred to a recipient it is filed away and no longer used unless the new owner agrees. Maintaining a copy on file for our customers allows for them to have the image repaired, recolored or touched up in the years to come if they desire. Mind you, putting on 85 pounds makes this benefit useless. That anchor slowly stretches into a tug boat if not careful. It does not usually shrink back. Tattoo designs do, in some cases, have a shelf life. 


     Lots of things go into and out of vogue quickly. Tattoo designs are no different. There are a few stand outs however that comically never die. Mushrooms, dragons, dolphins, eagles, scorpions, spiders and stars will be the go to decision drunk college kids make for their first tat until they outlaw…youth. Sadly for every “safe” bet there is that idiot that gets the name of a girl he just met – misspelled on his entire back. Or there’s the deep thinker that gets some cool symbol for “power” on his chest and it actually means “toothache”  or "soup." Well played.