Welcome Back to Redwin Design! Winter 2018

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   Welcome back to Redwin Design. There have been some pretty big changes in the past few months. After several good years of uninterrupted service and enjoying quiet success, I have decided to up the stakes a bit. It was time to revamp the website, my attitude and my level of production. The layout has changed a little, I added some new images and took out some of the old ones. The platform has been updated to be more smart phone and tablet friendly as well.

   Until now Redwin Design has operated largely by word of mouth, using social media and by means of helping members of the local community, friends and their families. In 2018 I’m expanding that approach. I am going to reach more customers, introduce some talented friends and unveil some projects I’ve been working on for quite some time. The finishing touches on the gift shop are still in progress, but I’d like to have it open in the next few weeks, just in time for the holidays.

   I’ve conducted multiple interviews, done artwork reviews and even started developing an original web series for teaching some of the drawing and design concepts that can be seen all throughout this site. I will also be opening up some sections of the Redwin Design website for viewer feedback, fan submissions and critiques of artwork from around the world. We might even review some of yours!

   Keep checking in to see what’s going on. I plan on adding new content almost daily. Those of you that have already been checking in on me, welcome back and thank you. I look forward to providing you with even more to return for. Those of you that are stopping in for the first time; I hope we have found a new friend and frequent visitor in you. Come back to Redwin Design.com. It will surely be worth your time.

Thank you.



Art Director

Redwin Design LLC

"Nothing to Write With"

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